Since 2017, idioma® offers Neural Machine Translation + Post-Editing Service.

We currently offer neural custom training of existing memories.

Your private NMT will be completely separated from public MT engines, keeping content safe and secure.

Our NMT + PE service is ISO 18587 certified allowing increased translation productivity, faster turn-around, and savings with the best quality guaranteed.

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NMT + PE as Your Business Strategy

How NMT + PE Works

Using our in-house Neural MT solution, we will custom train your existing translation memories.

Depending on the data you provide, we can optionally boost volume with same-field resources.

There will be absolutely no use of public MT engines, thus keeping your data safe and secure.


Neural custom-training of your TM for later reuse of existing translations.

Translate using idioma’s neural MT to ensure relevancy and quality translation.

Post-editing and review by professional native linguists with compulsory QA checking.

NMT + PE Upgrades

Build additional bilingual files

Build glossaries